1) Submit 4 nos. of passport size photograph + an Identity Proof (Voter Id/Passport/Ration Card/ Domiciliary Certificate from State Govt/Driving License) in case of not available your parents ID Proof will do.

2) Minimum stay of 12 months with an option to extend duration of stay depending on room availability.

3) Its an agreement “for a complete 1 year session for Delhi University Students” or “the complete Course Tenure will be considered as locking period for the student, doing the private coaching from any Institute… the ‘Advance Amount’ deposited at time of admission will only be adjustable in the last 2 months of the academic session. If the resident vacate the premises in between or termination of the residency by either party occurs, the ‘Advance Amount’ will not be refunded in any condition and it gets forfeited.

4) By signing this agreement, it is considered that resident has read and understood the Terms & Conditions carefully and from now he/she is legally obligated to fulfill at least one complete session of 11 months (in case of DU Student) or complete Course duration (in case of Private Coaching student) of stay as per Accommodation Agreement. If the resident Vacate in between or termination of his/her residency by either party occurs, the ‘Advance Amount’ will not be refunded in any condition and it gets forfeited.

5) The allotment of the seat/room will be for the entire Academic Year. Any Resident, who would like to vacate the PG in between the academic year, must pay the entire session fee amount applicable for the full academic year.

6) Tariff inclusive the Lodging, 3 times meals, Electricity (except AC & Geyser consumption), Water only.   Broadband Wi-Fi, Gas Cylinder, TV with DTH, Housekeeping are value added services from AdhaarShila.

7) No Visitors allowed in the premises except the parents of the resident, to maintain the premises environment and discipline.

8) Overnight visitors are not allowed except mother of the Resident and that too can be pre-arranged with the house co-coordinator at the casual nightly charges of Rs. 500/-..

9) Any damage to the property, facilities, furniture and fixtures will be the responsibility of the Residents. Cost for replacement or repair will be charged without exception and must be settled within 1 week of the incident concerned.

10) Do not pin, nail or tack any items on walls. Damage from this activity will be charged.

11) Usage of any electrical Items such as Iron, Desktop Computers, Radio,  Heater is strictly prohibited. If found whether in use or not, will be considered in use and additional charges of Rs. 500/- (minimum) per week per extra electrical item will be charged.

12) Computers, TV.s must be turned off at 10pm.

13) Please tidy in the bathroom after use. i.e. throw out all rubbish.

14) Late evenings, night outs or in case of any weekend schedule, a written request from parents / local (authorized) guardian’s will be mandatorily required or else your room or seat will be locked until we don’t receive an acknowledgement either from parents or LGs.

15) AdhaarShila premises gate will be closed by 08:00 PM, every residential is expected to follow the PG’s timelines.

16) No smoking  / No alcohol and  to be stored or consumed on the premises. Empty alcohol containers may be construed that alcohol has been in your possession. Alcohol will be confiscated and agreement terminated without notice. Drunkenness is never accepted as an excuse for inappropriate behavior.

17) Please make sure that your behavior is the same here as it is at home. Verbal abuse in any form is deemed a breach of conduct and will be treated accordingly.

18) Do not interfere with the reasonable peace, comfort and privacy of other guests.

19) No tolerance for violence.

20) Rooms will be inspected on a regular basis. Spot Inspections will also be carried out to ensure that no alcohol or drugs are being consumed or stored on the premises.

21) During normal working hours, these inspections will be conducted. If it is deemed necessary to conduct a detailed inspection of the room i.e. look in cupboards or drawers etc. the gender of the Resident occupying the room will be considered and a member of the same gender will undertake a detailed inspection.

22) Every residential is supposed to check and get assurance of all electrical items eg Tube Light, Bulb, Fan, and Cooler in running condition.  Once taking the hold of the seat / room, all the repairing and replacing of any kind of electric items will be bear by Residents themselves.

23) Tariff includes the Cooler Room only.  Usage of AC and Geysers will be considered additional and charged according to Unit consumed @ Rs. 6.50/Unit.

24) Residents are solely responsible for their personal belongings. The Residents are requested to keep their belongings under Lock and Key. The Management will not be responsible for any theft, loss or damage to the personal belongings of the Residents.

25) No meetings of any nature, except those called together by the Warden & management authorities, may be held in the AdhaarShila premises by anyone.

26) Food provided in the PG is strictly for the PG Residents. Outsiders are not allowed to take food in the PG.

27) Residential shall observe all safety precautions. The Management is not liable for any accident of whatever nature either in PG premises or outside.

28) Residents must deposit the fee within 5 days from due date. In case of further delay the seat will be temporarily removed or in case of Single Room residency the room will be locked OR a penalty of Rs. 500/- will be charged.

29) The Medical Facility will be provided on actual charges basis.


1) When an incident is brought to the attention of management, the incident is recorded in the discipline registrar and an investigation it undertaken. All parties will be interviewed to ensure a fair and equitable review of the incident before action is taken.

2) All information is kept on the Residents file.


1) Resident involved in a breach of conduct are normally first cautioned and advised as to how they might manage similar situations in the future. Depending on the severity of the breach, penalties may take form of

1. Written warning, notice to remedy breach

2. Dismissal from AdhaarShila

2) Should there be a need to speak to the same resident a second time regarding further breaches, parents will be contacted and advised of both first and second incident. The resident may also be put on notice that a further breach will result in dismissal from AdhaarShila

3) A third incident will see the resident being given notice to vacate in 48 hrs and NO refund will be given.

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